Mar 1, 2018

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Reasons For Small Businesses To Use Social Media

Reasons For Small Businesses To Use Social Media

The creation of social media has completed altered the way in which we engage and interact with our customers. Here are just a selection of benefits and reasons for your business to jump onto that social media bandwagon.


Social Media Increases Traffic To Your Website

Whether your preference is Twitter or Facebook, your business can use these sites to surge traffic to your small businesses website. If new or returning customers, they can use your social media pages to research your products and services, see reviews and images. With promotions or deals and back links to your sales or booking page.

The Highway At Night

A Picture Of The Highway


It Shows Off Your Personality And Brand Image

Advertising in a small square of a newspaper or on a flyer doesn’t give you much room to express what you are all about, normally only enough to explain your product and contact details. Social media however, allows you to show off your desirable product and amiable personality, for example creating a lifestyle brand that everyone well want to be a part of. This doesn’t mean boosting posts, and spending money – simple, personal, and relatable posts, uploaded frequently will work wanders, be sure to respond to your customers online and thank them for good feedback.

Man Going Into Waterfall

Man Walking Into Waterfall


Reward Customers With Discounts & Promotions

Facebook and Twitter make it much simpler to reach out to your clienteles. For example, if you own a small café and it’s been a quiet morning, you can use social media to advertise an in-store deal, to get more footfall into your café. All you do is write a post publicizing your special discount or deal for that day only.

Online 50% Off Promo

A 50% Off Promo


It Helps You Link With Other Businesses

As well as customers, it is important as a small business to find allies. This is great for recommendations and local business support. Promoting each other and sharing content on social media is ideal. Making bonds and connections can be hugely beneficial.

A Group Fist Pumping

Five People Fist Pumping


We would love to know more about how social media has benefited your small business and any tips or recommendations for small business owners giving Facebook or Twitter a go. What are other ways social media has impacted your small business?