Mar 25, 2018

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Word Of Mouth Marketing – And Why It Works!

Word Of Mouth Marketing – And Why It Works!

WOMM – Did you know that this is one of the most effective forms of spreading awareness of your business or product? It is claimed to be even effective than social media. Your current customers hold the ability to convert non-customers, altering their opinions or just generally raising awareness through spontaneous conversation. Businesses should try out new methods and keep up to date with social media platforms, but that doesn’t mean they stop the use of traditional approaches as well.

Why It Works

This marketing method is an oldie but a goodie. Businesses have been applying word-of-mouth marketing since the word go. This type of marketing is so successful purely because people don’t realize its marketing, chatting to a friend about your lovely weekend away at that new hotel, or that brilliant brand of coffee you had this morning – It’s all up-selling a business’s product! A Customer is more likely to trust a fellow consumer much more than a paid staff member from the company. Trip Advisor for example, how often do you check other people’s reviews, before trying a new restaurant. Non-members trust opinions of customers that have already experienced the product.

Friends Chatting

People Conversing

What You Can Do As A Business

Get Recommendations

Get it in writing – If you have a return customer that just loves your company, then ask them for a testimonial. You can then promote this on your social media platforms, giving potential customers a gleaming first-hand experience on your business.

Your Product

Word-of-mouth marketing is ineffective if an association isn’t performing the way it should. You should expect very little success with this marketing method if the product you are promoting is not worthy of a good recommendation, you cannot get customers to vow for your business when they aren’t getting the best experience imaginable.

A Good Review

Thumbs Up Reviews


This effective and simple method of word of mouth marketing should not be one that is overlooked. Reputation is key, and having a good one is vital for your business to succeed.

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Mar 1, 2018

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Reasons For Small Businesses To Use Social Media

Reasons For Small Businesses To Use Social Media

The creation of social media has completed altered the way in which we engage and interact with our customers. Here are just a selection of benefits and reasons for your business to jump onto that social media bandwagon.


Social Media Increases Traffic To Your Website

Whether your preference is Twitter or Facebook, your business can use these sites to surge traffic to your small businesses website. If new or returning customers, they can use your social media pages to research your products and services, see reviews and images. With promotions or deals and back links to your sales or booking page.

The Highway At Night

A Picture Of The Highway


It Shows Off Your Personality And Brand Image

Advertising in a small square of a newspaper or on a flyer doesn’t give you much room to express what you are all about, normally only enough to explain your product and contact details. Social media however, allows you to show off your desirable product and amiable personality, for example creating a lifestyle brand that everyone well want to be a part of. This doesn’t mean boosting posts, and spending money – simple, personal, and relatable posts, uploaded frequently will work wanders, be sure to respond to your customers online and thank them for good feedback.

Man Going Into Waterfall

Man Walking Into Waterfall


Reward Customers With Discounts & Promotions

Facebook and Twitter make it much simpler to reach out to your clienteles. For example, if you own a small café and it’s been a quiet morning, you can use social media to advertise an in-store deal, to get more footfall into your café. All you do is write a post publicizing your special discount or deal for that day only.

Online 50% Off Promo

A 50% Off Promo


It Helps You Link With Other Businesses

As well as customers, it is important as a small business to find allies. This is great for recommendations and local business support. Promoting each other and sharing content on social media is ideal. Making bonds and connections can be hugely beneficial.

A Group Fist Pumping

Five People Fist Pumping


We would love to know more about how social media has benefited your small business and any tips or recommendations for small business owners giving Facebook or Twitter a go. What are other ways social media has impacted your small business?

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Feb 13, 2018

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The Top 5 Benefits of Being a Freelancer in Online Marketing

The Top 5 Benefits of Being a Freelancer in Online Marketing

There are many pros and cons in any working situations and so it is no different for freelance marketing experts. However, we are here to focus on the main benefits. We are certain they heavily outweigh the cons.

Here are The Top 5 Benefits of Being a Freelancer in Online Marketing.

1.You Work When You Want

This can be slightly misleading but for the most part it is true, you get to chose when you work and how much work you are willing to take on. This creates an incredible sense of freedom.

clock on a table

working on your own time table

2. You Can Work From Anywhere

As all you will need is your laptop and WiFi connection, you can pretty much work from anywhere in the world. This absolutely benefits the travelling kind and many travel for years this way. Not so shabby ey!?

pristine waters

Working Abroad with a New Office View


3. Better Pay Per Hour

Generally speaking, freelancers get paid almost double than if they were employed through a contract. This means you can either take on more and get paid for less work, or take on less and have more free time with enough money to support basic lifestyles.

Money and time representing efficiency

More money in less time


4. You Are The Boss Man

As you are providing a service, this means who you work for become your clients. This makes you the boss man of your own work. Ultimately, this is great news because you have nobody to answer to and also, you take all the credit for all the work.

Man with a banana

Being your own boss

5. Tax Deductions

As a freelancer, you are effectively your own business. This means you can deduct more expenses as tax, which otherwise you would not have the option to do as an employee. As a result, your tax rebate should turn out to be quite the piggy bank at the end of the tax year.

piggy bank

saving money in your piggy bank

Another view at freelancing. Other aspects to consider to make sure you get all of the benefits.


Overall, we think it is a fantastic way to experience a different kind of freedom and travel whilst you get paid. Effectively, you will be your own little lifestyle business. Whereas being an employee, you’ll likely be glued to the same place with many frustrating restriction, although it is important to notice the benefits in all situations.


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Feb 5, 2018

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Business Communications Training for Marketing Businesses

Business Communications Training for Marketing Businesses

The world of Marketing is such a vast sector, full with so many technical demands that marketing businesses can often full short due to the array of requirements needed from the employees. The are so many different tasks to be carried out that communication can often crumble, leaving everyone scrambling and achieving little more than just staying afloat. To combat this shared problem across Marketing companies, they should look to turn their work team into a productive and constructive force through Business Communications Training. Here is how this can benefit your Marketing company. 

Increasing Productivity

Communication training can give you the skills to constructively carry out meetings, find solutions and delegate appropriate tasks to the most applicable team members. This will result in clarity of what must be achieved and how it must be achieved. Each individual will know exactly what to do. Poor communication skills will ultimately leave everyone slightly apprehensive and uncertain of their requirement, this is not the path to productivity. Effective and precise communication is the only way to combat such a problem.

Increasing Motivation

Once everyone is aware of their specific tasks and what it is they are working toward, stress dissipates throughout the working environment and everyone is able to stay focused. This can only result in accomplishing your goals as a team and as they are accomplished, everyone will feel a sense of reward. This will help your work-team to stay motivated.

Employees Will Care for the Future of Your Business

Effective communication skills is more than being able to find solutions and construct working strategies, it is also heavily involved with the way you interact with your employees. It is incredibly difficult to not be frustrated with the responsibility of you employee’s performances from time to time. However, you can evolve the way you express these concerns. Understanding the perspective of your employees and communicating from that angle will make the working agenda about “us” rather than the “you”. This will help your staff to see that it is about them and that success is achieved as a unit. This kind of compassion will undoubtedly make your employees care for the future of your business.

Overall, communication is often the link missing within the working environment. Ineffective communication can make it nearly impossible to point this fact out. However, if you have seen room for improvement then for the sake of your companies future, you absolutely must turn to Business Communications Training.

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Jan 25, 2018

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Why PAYE Tax Refunds is a Great Way To Save for Travelling

Why PAYE Tax Refunds is a Great Way To Save for Travelling

Many Freelancers in the world of marketing have the blessed opportunity to travel with their work, however, when abroad and saving for further travels it can make the pennies increasingly tight. But, there is a little hack that we can often forget, Tax refunds! More specifically speaking, for those travelling and working in the UK, then UK PAYE Tax Refunds is your little treasure chest ensuring you can jet set to the next great adventure.


Before we start, lets tick the boxes to make sure you are eligible for PAYE Tax Refunds;

  • You are a non-UK national
  • You have left the UK
  • You were short-term employed in the UK
  • You incurred work-related expenses
  • You didn’t work a full tax year
  • You were made redundant
  • You were on an emergency tax code

Now that we have cleared that up, why is this a great opportunity?

quite simply, if you are paying 20% tax on every single invoice, then at the end of the tax year a good chunk of this tax will be finding its way back into your pocket. If you are the travelling kind and enjoy the fruits of different cultures whilst exploring your way around the world from place to place, then a stop over to the UK is not only a great way to get your travelling kicks, it is also a brilliant way to save pennies in a way that doesn’t feel like saving at all!

A small recommendation would be to get an British bank account for your British clients rather than receiving invoices into your international bank accounts. Other than the obvious (you would not be illegible otherwise), you also will not have to take exchange rates into consideration which would mean loosing pennies for the services of exchanging pennies.

Many Freelancing travellers turn to the services of to ensure that can get the full advantage of saving their pennies and getting back what they are owed.

You can check them out on Social Media here, Facebook, Linkedin.

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